Are you a meat eater interested in reducing your meat consumption? If so, we’d love for you to try out our online OPTIMISE programme!

The LEAP team at the University of Oxford have developed an online behavioural intervention to help people reduce their meat consumption. They are recruiting people to use this programme at their Meat Your Persona public engagement tour and through social media. The trial lasts nine weeks which includes a baseline week of self-monitoring your meat consumption, a four-week active intervention phase (self-monitoring, goal setting, action planning and reflection), followed by a four-week maintenance phase. All parts of the study will be delivered remotely through our bespoke website.

More information is available on the trial website (where you can also sign up): https://optimisediet.org

If you have any questions please get in touch with Cristina Stewart who’s leading the study: Cristina.stewart@phc.ox.ac.uk


'Meat your Persona': LEAP in the Westgate Shopping Centre, Oxford



The LEAP team have been talking to shoppers to learn more about their meat and dairy consumption and to share the results of our research into the environmental and health impacts. We're also very excited to be planning a new touring version of Meat Your Persona to launch in spring 2020. Watch this space!