Meat Your Persona: The National Tour

Meat Your Persona: The National Tour 

Find out what happened when we took a bright yellow horsebox around 6 cities in the UK to discuss meat consumption and share LEAP research about its health and environmental impact.



Meat Your Persona: the National Tour




'Meat Your Persona' is a touring installation designed to get the UK talking about eating meat, its environmental impact, and how much meat is actually good for you. Drawing on research from LEAP (Livestock Environment and People) at the University of Oxford, the pop-up initiative has been created by public engagement consultancy The Liminal Space and funded by Wellcome

Meat Your Persona launched on Friday 28th May, 2021 in Cardiff at St David’s Shopping Centre, before travelling to Leeds, Newcastle, Blackpool, Glasgow to spark conversations with members of the public about the impact of eating too much meat on the environment and on individuals’ health. 

Watch the video to find out how the tour went, and the conversations that were sparked.

LEAP research aims to contribute to an evidence-based discussion on the future of meat production and consumption: how frequently it should be eaten, the current understanding of responsible sources of meat; and its environmental and health impact. Some key research findings include: 

  • Even if we cut all fossil fuel emissions immediately, we still wouldn’t reach climate change targets without also cutting food emissions.
  • Eating high quantities of processed and unprocessed meat is associated with higher risks of colorectal cancer and ischemic heart disease among other diseases

Meat Your Persona has been designed to help disseminate this research amongst the general public, as well as build on the insights and data collected so far. The installation launched in tandem with Meat the Future – a joint exhibition from LEAP and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, presenting cutting edge research on the environmental and health impacts of eating meat.