Agricultural methane and its role as a greenhouse gas

Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) foodsource is a collection of resources explaining the ideas and issues at the forefront of food system sustainability and how they all interconnect. Within this FCRN are providing a series called building blocks that provide accessible introductions to the most important ideas for understanding food system sustainability. Each building block is reviewed by subject experts and includes key definitions, a clear explanation of the idea, and links to curated resources for further learning.

The latest building block provides an overview of methane, and addresses some common areas of confusion, covering:

  • What is methane and how does it affect the climate?
  • Where do methane emissions come from?
  • What happens to these methane emissions?
  • How has agriculture contributed to recent increases in atmospheric methane?
  • What does all this mean for how we consider methane emissions, particularly in relation to carbon dioxide (CO2)


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This building block was written by John Lynch, a post-doctoral researcher from LEAP, who's research focuses on the climate impacts of livestock production.


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